Boarding Fees - NOTE: Board is required to be paid even when the horse may be absent from the stable for any reason. For example: horseshows, veterinary care, outside training.

​ Field boarding – weekly grooming $600/month
 Stall boarding – Full care stall boarding, rate on request.
 Full care boarding, grooming, tacking, and horse training rate on request
 Layover board rate on request

Stable Fees:
 Euro-walker (typical 20 minute session) $20/session
 Magnetic blanket, laser treatment, nebulizer treatment $20/treatment
 Professional horse training and exercise rides $45/session
 Riding lessons - boarders $55/lesson
 Riding lessons – non-boarders $65/lesson
 Riding ring use for non-boarders (no lesson) $10/day
 Clipping $100
 Medications, supplements, tack (repair), farrier, dentist, vet, etc… billed at cost
 Horse transportation rate on request

Show Fees:​

 Professional show rides $65/class
 Show day fee (lunging, grooming, tacking, schooling, to/from ring, etc.) $90/day
 Daily horse show stabling care – boarders $35/day
 Daily horse show stabling care – non-boarders $85/day
 Trainer travel expenses

At TriColor Stables we offer a few different boarding offerings:

  • Regular Boarding: Either in-stall with turn-out or field boarding. Every regular boarder receives weekly grooming and daily supervision. As regular boarders, we cater to everything; horses in full work and actively showing, retirees, & yearlings.
  • Lay-up/Rehabilitation Boarding is available on a per-day rate, with a menu of available services; from stall rest to full care with exercise and turnout.

Some of the additional services we provide beyond boarding services are as follows:

  • Full care (tack-up & groom)
  • Ample Turn-out
  • Regular grooming for field boarded horses
  • Exercise Rides
  • Euro-Walker
  • Horse Training
  • Riding Lessons
  • Magnetic blanket, nebulizer treatment, lazer treatment